Following consultation with the student leadership team and the sixth form committee, from January 2018 the sixth form dress code will be:

  • consistently enforced for all year 12, 13 and year 14 (repeaters) students
  • gender neutral

The objectives of the dress code are to:

  • ensure that all members of the sixth form dress appropriately for an educational setting
  • prepare students for employment
  • provide the wider community with a positive image of East Leake Academy and sixth form.

Members of the sixth form will be expected to set a decent and high standard in their personal appearance and conduct. Sixth form students are ambassadors for the academy and will therefore be expected to set an example to all other students in East Leake Academy.

The guide to what is appropriate is:

  • smart shirt, blouse or top,
  • smart trousers, skirt or dress,
  • smart jacket or suit (optional) – outdoor coats should not be worn indoors,
  • optional tie of choice (must be worn with shirt collar fastened),
  • shoes – smart shoes with heels up to three inches,
  • smart boots are allowed,
  • maximum one small ear stud per ear.

The guide to what is not appropriate is:

  • t-shirts
  • low cut, strappy, cropped or see-through tops,
  • tight-fitting items,
  • skirts must not be more than two inches above the knee,
  • tube or body-con style skirts,
  • UGG-type boots,
  • shorts,
  • trainers,
  • hoodies,
  • leggings,
  • denim clothing,
  • facial piercings,
  • ear stretchers,
  • colourful and/or bright hair dye

Students are expected to attend sixth form in the dress outlined above at all times.  Where this is not the case, the student and their parents/carers will be contacted by letter.

It is the role of all students to maintain the boundaries of appropriate dress and presentation. Students should consult Mr Jackson, Head of Sixth Form, before wearing an item of clothing if they are unclear as to its suitability.  The decision of the Principal will be final on matters of acceptable dress and presentation.