East Leake Academy (ELA) aims to offer a curriculum which:

  • ensures that our students become aware of and confident in their abilities and in doing so are able to develop them to their maximum potential;
  • raises our students’ awareness of the needs of their community and encourages them to contribute fully to the life of their community. They respect the rights and needs of others in a diverse society;
  • offers all our students a curriculum that has breadth and depth and is tailored to meet the needs of each student; and
  • ensures that students who leave ELA are literate, numerate and articulate. They will be lively, enquiring, independent young people able to adapt to the challenges of a fast changing world and ready for a purposeful adult and working life.

Key stages 3 and 4

The curriculum from years 7-11 is structured to allow clear progression for success in future learning.  All subjects now have a rigorous five year scheme of learning that aims to develop every individual learner’s skills and knowledge, so that students have the ability to secure excellent level 2 qualifications (GCSE or equivalent).  It is the aim of the academy to help every student reach their full potential regardless of their starting point.  The curriculum is also designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge they will need to have a successful transition onto level 3 qualifications (A-Level or equivalent) during post 16 studies.

We also deliver a comprehensive ‘life skills’ curriculum which is delivered through a combination of personal development days, vertical tutoring sessions and PHSE lessons.  This provides excellent opportunities for personal, social and health education along with careers guidance.

Key stage 5

For our post 16 students we offer a range of level 3 subjects (A-Level or equivalent) along with enrichment activities, work experience and guidance in order to provide the appropriate pathways towards employment or further study.

Curriculum policy

If you have any further questions about the curriculum at East Leake Academy, please contact Mr Jackson, Vice Principal, by emailing: office@eastleake-ac.org.uk