English Language

English Language is a course that is ideally suited to students who have a genuine interest in language development and analysis. The course will involve the exploration and analysis of various forms of spoken, written and “electronic” English ranging from spontaneous, colloquial conversations, text messages and voice-overs to written texts produced for a specific audience and purpose. Students will analyse and evaluate how language varieties have influenced the construction of a text. They will also produce original writing for a real-world purpose on a topical language issue and undertake a language investigation.

Method of assessment

Exam – Language, the individual and society 2hr 30 (40%)

Exam –  Language diversity and change 2hr 30 (40%)

Coursework –Language investigation and original writing – 3- 5000 word assignment (20%)

A-Level – A language investigation (2000 words). A piece of original writing and a commentary (1500 words)

Topic areas covered

Year 12: Language and the individual, language varieties

Year 13: Language, the individual and society, language diversity and change, Language in action


Level: A level

Board: AQA

Head of department:
Mr K Ferguson

Mr K Ferguson (lead teacher)
Mrs P Slack
Ms S Martin