To support all students with revision and to help you get the most out of your studies, we have provided essential guides, revision sessions and revision links on these pages.

Seneca Learning

The Seneca Learning website enables our year 11, 12 and 13 students to use the revision resources in line with our exam specifications.

View the Seneca Learning resources here.

Ultimate guide to revision

Download our ‘Ultimate Guide to Revision’
The ELA Ultimate Guide To Revision Strategies That Work

Year 11

Year 11 after school revision and coursework catch up sessions are now available – please see details below:

Year 11 Revision And Coursework Catch Up

Revision links

To support East Leake Academy students with their revision, together with advice and guidance at the academy from teachers and tutors, there are many useful websites that provide hints, tips and techniques to get the most from your revising. We have added these below – if you find another site that might be useful to other students, let us know and we will add it to the list!

Whilst these are useful, the academy cannot be held responsible for any of the content on these websites.

BBC Bitesize – The new Bitesize site brings together in one place all the BBC’s formal education content – not just the familiar Bitesize learner guides covering all the main secondary subjects, but also new primary guides and thousands of curriculum-mapped video clips for both secondary and primary classrooms.

Get Revising – Everything you need to find, create, and share study resources.

Kerboodle – Lessons, resources, assessment, and Kerboodle books.

MathsWatch – A set of mathematical resources (both video and worksheets) which students can access to aide with revision. Please see your maths teacher for a username and password.

MyMaths – Hundreds of ready made lessons and homework tasks to help you achieve fantastic results. Please see your maths teacher for a username and password.

SAM Learning – Raise your exam results with SAM Learning and improve your chance to build a career that you always wanted.