Horizontal tutoring

At East Leake Academy, we embrace a horizontal tutoring system.

Each day, students join their tutor group for a 20-minute session that provides a range of activities designed to support their own personal development. A horizontal system enables a bespoke pastoral programme to be followed that meets the needs of the year group and allows students to form positive relationships with their peers.

Our support networks include pastoral leaders for each year group, a student support team, a careers advisor and a dedicated counsellor who runs a range of wellbeing and additional specialist support programmes for our young people.

Students are placed within one of our four houses when they join ELA and will take part in challenges, such as sports days, as part of their house.

Our houses: Eagle, Harrier, Kestrel and Osprey.

Pastoral leaders

Each year group has a dedicated pastoral leader as follows:

Year 7 - Mr Chambers

I am Mr Chambers, I am currently pastoral lead for year 7, as well as a teacher of maths and PE. I am very keen on playing sport, which I mainly play football and cricket. I have three children aged 9, 7 and 9 months. I am in my sixth year at ELA, and my fourth as part of the pastoral team. My claim to fame was meeting a young Margot Robbie during my time playing cricket in Australia.

My vision for year 7 is to ensure they follow rules and routines while at ELA. I would like to encourage and empower students to achieve merits in lessons, during social time and during changeover, but also encourage students to respect their teachers and each other. Finally, to continue to make sure students have smoothly transitioned from primary to secondary, allowing students to feel safe in their academy and make progress as they move through the school years.

Year 7’s have already written letters to care homes over Christmas, but also learning about how to be safe online, but being involved in the transition for the new year 6’s as they start their transition process.

Your tutor team

7E1 Dr M Williams
7E2 Mr S Ritchie
7H1 Mr P Newbold
7H2 Miss S Summers
7K1 Miss K Nandha
7K2 Ms H Cowell
7O1 Mrs C Bruce
7O2 Mrs R Yorke and Mr J Cann

Year 8 - Miss Aldridge

Hello, I’m Miss Aldridge and I am the head of year 8 at East Leake Academy. I have worked at ELA since 2016, in the science department after attaining a degree in biology from The University of Birmingham. In my time here, I have lead netball teams, swim teams and have been involved in science club, as well as leading on many school trips.

Away from school, I enjoy hiking, getting creative with DIY projects and I use exercise to look after my mental health. I love travelling and have been to 14 different countries and will soon be adding Jamaica to the list!

I have really enjoyed getting to know the year group and supporting their transition to secondary school. I am so proud of the young adults that they are becoming and look forward to guiding them on their educational journeys. As a year group, we pride ourselves on punctuality, impeccable uniform and have developed a strong foundation for progress based on teamwork and mutual respect. During PDL we have completed work around kindness, self-identity, resilience and building and maintaining healthy relationships. Our year group has been particularly thoughtful and giving and have raised money for various charities, made donations to homeless shelters and written letters to care homes at Christmas. We are creating a caring environment for all students to thrive and cultivate a broad spectrum of skills that will prepare them for their future.

This year we have tried and tested a range of different strategies and ideas to help students care for their mental health and wellbeing. Students have tried origami, meditation, yoga, puzzle-solving, mindful colouring, mini competitions and strategies to help with anxiety – to name a few. The hope is that each student enjoys or learns from one of these activities and adopts this to be used as and when needed. In year 8 we acknowledge that students may be engaging with social media platforms more frequently as they turn 13 years old. We have completed a week focused on the safety features of these platforms and have provided information for parents so they are able to support from home.

In year 9 students will choose their options for GCSE, which is one of the most important decisions that will ultimately shape their future. This year we have introduced students to the steps in this process, considered how to make this decision and looked ahead at how these choices can help them to achieve their dream career.

Your tutor team

8E1 Mr A Barkley
8E2 Miss H Barrett-Duckett
8H1 Mr J Lees
8H2 Mrs H Gilbert
8K1 Miss E Bowness and Miss K Magee
8K2 Miss M Slater
8O1 Miss L Stocks
8O2 Mr P Collins

Year 9 - Mr Burrows

Welcome to year 9! I am Mr Burrows, head of year 9 and I am very proud to be the head of year for this group of students. I teach music which is a subject that I love dearly having played the guitar for 30 years. I also remain a performing musician and enjoy bringing my experiences into the classroom and trying to keep up with the many musical genres our students listen to.

In year 9 my key focus is to ensure that students are becoming prepared for the next stage of their school careers whilst providing support for students as they become young adults. This means that the values of the academy are embedded into who we are as a year group and I encourage our students to empower themselves and each other, respect all whilst having self-respect to promote confidence and growth and to be part of a community that cares for each other and our environment. It is my aim that by the end of year 9 our students are well rounded, caring and focused individuals.

Year 9 is a year where students investigate and select subjects that they would like to study at GCSE level. The options process is a challenging time and is possibly the first time in a young person’s life where they have to make difficult decisions. As an academy we will support our students through this process and provide them with as much information as possible to help.

Your tutor team

9E1 Miss C Tudor
9E2 Mrs N Burrows and Mrs H Williamson
9H1 Mrs P Marsh and Mrs S Rolling
9H2 Miss A Rehman
9K1 Miss F Gould
9K2 Mr T Ashton
9O1 Mr P Campbell
9O2 Mrs G Sweeney-Gibbs

Year 10 - Mr Berry

My vision

  • Ensure a successful transition into new key stage 4
  • Promote positive relationships between staff and students
  • Develop strategies to support independent learning and organisation to support key stage 4 studies to promote the highest possible positive academic outcomes.
  • Continued education around physical and mental health strategies to promote the highest possible pastoral outcomes.

Let’s talk year 10:

Year 10 is one of the most important years in education. Students will be looking ahead to think about where they want their learning pathways to take them beyond key stage 4. It is a time for thinking about careers, college, A-levels, apprenticeships and for students to reflect on themselves and really focus on where they want to be, and what they need to do to get there.

Year 10 start each day with personal development lessons where depending on the day different activities take place.  For year 10, as we progress through the year, those activities turn more towards exams, independent study skills, employability skills and revision techniques.

Students in year 10 will be issued a tailored to meet year group needs including careers and online revision resources.

What is expected of me in year 10?

At East Leake Academy, we expect all students to follow our three values; we empower, we respect, we care, and for year 10 these values should already be well embedded.  Of course, these values are important for every year group, but for year 10s, we really target these towards success in key stage 4, as without these, that success will be impossible to achieve.

What else can I get involved in?

Throughout the year we carry out different activities as a year group. Examples from this year are:

  • reverse advent calendar where students created and filled an advent calendar with items donated to local charities
  • extracurricular activities in sports clubs and hobbies
  • academic support sessions
  • year 10 also have the opportunity to apply for YouNG which is a scheme to promote entrepreneurial skills
  • employability skills day – face to face interviews to promote employability skills

Year 10 will also be offered to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. This is an internationally recognised award and, not only is it a fantastic opportunity for the students to demonstrate our values and to improve and develop a wide range of personal skills, but will also help to give our students a great advantage when applying for ELA post 16 study, college and/or apprenticeship positions.

To ensure your child reaches their full potential, the year 10 pastoral team are committed to supporting both the high possible academic and pastoral progress of each individual in year 10.

Your tutor team

10E1 Miss E Harewood
10E2 Mrs D Mistry and Mrs L Murphy
10H1 Mr L Tebbett
10H2 Miss S Elliott
10K1 Mrs D Caygill-Coombs
10K2 Mr J McKay
10O1 Miss S Roberts
10O2 Dr E French

Year 11 - Miss Higgins

Hello, I’m Miss Higgins and I am the head of year 11 at East Leake Academy. I have worked at ELA since 2019, in the English department. I teach English and media studies to years 7-13.

Outside of school, I love travelling and try to go to on as many trips as possible! I have really enjoyed getting to know the year group and supporting them in their year 11 journey. I am so proud of all the young people in my cohort and I can’t wait to see all the incredible things they go on to achieve.

As a year group, we pride ourselves leading by example to younger students and being a strong community of supportive young people who celebrate the success of others and encourage everyone to succeed.

In year 11 my key focus is to ensure that students are becoming prepared for the next stage of their school journey, their GCSE exams. All whilst providing support for students as they begin to plan for the next steps whatever they may be! It is very important to me that students feel supported every step of the way throughout year 11, so we have careers guidance, workshops and advice on revision all embedded in our year 11 pastoral program. We also have a large range of wellbeing and team building activities that happen throughout the year.

In year 11, we empower students to achieve their full potential and make plans for their own future, we respect one another and also have the self-respect to encourage our core values and set an example to younger students, and we care about our year 11 community and all students within our fantastic cohort. We have a brilliant community in year 11 where students support and encourage each other and are guided by some exceptional. In year 11, we provide whole year group revision sessions and students build revision resources with heads of department to help to ensure that all students have a valuable set of revision resources that they can use.

Your tutor team

11E1 Mrs C Moore
11E2 Mr S Strickland
11H1 Miss S Eastwood
11H2 Ms N Fox
11K1 Mr S Bullivant
11K2 Ms S Croft and Miss S Martin
11O1 Ms K Ferguson
11O2 Mrs C Reeves

Post 16 - Mrs Slack

I have been an English teacher for the last twenty-five years. During that time I have been an assistant head of year, head of year 11 and now head of sixth form.

I am originally from Dundee in Scotland and studied at St Andrews and Newcastle universities. I am married with two sons. I enjoy running, walking my dog, reading and baking.

Vision for my two year groups

To empower the students to become academically and socially independent as they prepare for post 18 studies and adult life. To give them opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills to become a caring members of the community around them, who show respect for others’ beliefs and values.

Unique to sixth form

A’ level studies; preparation for adult life, UCAS applications, higher and degree level apprenticeship preparation, community service programme

Your tutor team

Mrs R Clifton
Mrs K Freeston and Mr A Heaton
Miss J England
Mrs E Goodhead
Mrs H O’Hara and Ms J Paxton
Support Mrs A Hussain

Student counsellor - Marie Glover

My name is Marie Glover and I am the academy counsellor/student support. I am here to offer the students a confidential, regular and safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings around whatever it may be concerning them, however big or small I am here to listen. I offer a non-judgmental service that is accessible to all.

Referrals can be made via tutors or the head of year, or a self-referral can be made by contacting me on MST. I also provide an open door policy during PDL, break and lunch for students who may not have been identified for further support however feel as though they would like someone to talk to.

I work alongside the head of year daily to ensure, as a team, we can offer our students the most effective and accessible support. By liaising with the head of year regularly we are able to identify and act on any concerns raised and communicate/report this appropriately.

The head of year compile a list of students to join an anxiety workshop, which is run by myself and Miss Bassi, who they identify as requiring a little more support. These sessions run each half term and focus on managing anxiety. We deliver four sessions on; understanding what anxiety is, coping strategies, self-care and the importance of routine and building resilience.