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Vertical tutoring

At East Leake, we operate a vertical tutoring system – where we adopt a student-centred, relationship-driven approach to maximise the overall achievement of each and every child.

The academy is organised into 40 tutor groups across four different houses – Eagle, Harrier, Kestrel and Osprey. There are eight tutor groups per year.

Vertical tutoring has reduced the average tutor set size to 20 students, which enables all tutors to give an extremely high level of care and attention to all of their students. Furthermore, as all siblings are placed within the same house, there is an enhanced sense of belonging and an improved home-academy relationship.

Vertical tutoring provides greater opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills, which in turn will make them more responsible and independent. With this highly supportive pastoral structure, we aim to nurture outstanding learning relationships that will maximise the level of intrinsic motivation and self-confidence within all of our students.

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