Do you enjoy unravelling the French language? Are you interested in the life and culture of French speaking countries?  If so, a French A level will help you to embed a range of transferable skills including communication, research skills and creativity, which will be a valuable tool in your working life. The content of the course can offer a key to success if you are looking for a career with international connections, or as an add-on to a bundle of subjects at A level or university standard.

The focus is on how French-speaking society has been shaped, socially and culturally, and how it continues to change. In the first year, social aspects and the artistic life of the French speaking world are studied. In the second year aspects of francophone social background are covered, focusing on issues, such as life for those on the margins of French-speaking society as well as looking at the positive influences that diversity brings. You will also study aspects of the political landscape in a French speaking country, looking at immigration from a political perspective and at the way in which political power is expressed through action such as strikes and demonstrations.

You will work hard and have an enthusiasm for cultural knowledge. However, you will be rewarded with a challenging, topical and stimulating course. You will develop your critical thinking skills, autonomy and an understanding of themes relating to French culture and society through the use of authentic and interactive resources.

Method of assessment

  • Listening, Reading and Writing: 2 hours 30 minutes 40% of A-level
  • Written exam: 2 hours 30% of A-level
  • Oral exam: 21–23 minutes 30% of A-level

Topic areas covered

Year 12

  • Aspects of French-speaking society: family life, cyber society and voluntary work
  • Artistic culture in the French-speaking world: francophone tradition, music and cinema
  • Literary text: L’étranger by Camus
  • Speaking: one sub-theme from aspects of French-speaking society and one sub-theme from artistic culture in the French speaking world
  • Grammar

Year 13

  • Social issues and trends: a diverse society, crime, marginalised society
  • Political and artistic culture: teenagers and their right to vote, the influence of strikes, politics and immigration
  • One text and one film or two texts: TBC
  • Grammar

Speaking: Presentation of individual research project as well as a discussion on one of the sub-themes covered in the specification.

Level: A level

Board: AQA

Lead teacher/head of department:
Ms F Gould

Teachers of subject:
Mrs V Purdy
Mrs H Williamson