Each year in September, year 10 and year 12 students are introduced to the work experience programme.

Students should discuss with parents and carers which types of jobs they’d like to do and where they could potentially do their work experience.

Year 10

Work experience for year 10 students is about building confidence ahead of entering year 11.  Placements should be agreed by February in order that health and safety checks can be undertaken and the student is insured to attend the selected workplace.

Work experience normally takes place in July.

Year 12

A one-week work experience placement is part of our year 12 programme and takes place after AS examinations.

Year 12 placements have to be connected to a student’s future career and the subjects they have chosen to study. Students cannot enter year 13 if they have not participated in work experience and will be questioned on their experience when applying for year 13.

Placements normally take place in July.