Brook House is alternative provision centre for ages 11-16, based within East Leake Academy. The provision follows an academic-based curriculum covering core subjects plus a range of other subjects, and has a strong enrichment programme that underpins all that we do with students.

Brook House provides specialist staff with all subjects being delivered by a core team of teachers and teaching assistants. Our small group environment means that staff are able to work closely with students to form relationships and support them with their individual needs, changing and adapting aspects of the curriculum to best support their educational and social-emotional requirements.


The students follow a bespoke curriculum lead by consistent staff who form positive relationships with the them, allowing them to thrive. The curriculum follows proper routes into college, apprenticeships and work – allowing students to aim for tangible future goals. Brook House is not a punishment or an easy option but an opportunity for students to achieve goals and create a positive future.

Our current curriculum offer

All key stage four subjects are GCSE apart from sport and enrichment. Some pupils will also be entered for entry level maths and English.

Key stage three
English, maths, science, humanities, art, food technology, PE, PSHCE, enrichment

Key stage four
English language, English literature, maths, hospitality and catering, media studies, tech award in sport, PSHCE and enrichment

School day

9-9.30amTea and toast
9.30-10.30amLesson 1
10.30-11.30amLesson 2
11.30-12pmTutor time
12.30-1.30pmLesson 3
1.30-2.30pmLesson 4
2.30-3.30pmTutoring and coaching


Our enrichment offer is one of our most important strands in supporting the students socially, emotionally and preparing them for adulthood. We offer the students the chance to engage with the local and wider community in a variety of roles and settings. We facilitate visits to nursing homes, food banks, cafes and play groups. The students engage with people of all ages and all walks of life during these visits gaining both employability and social skills.

On site we have a garden where the students undertake various projects and activities in order to make that space their own. This involves gardening activities, creative and practical tasks. This creates both a sense of pride and belonging.

The students have planned, marketed and run fundraising events inviting both teaching staff and the wider community to great success.

This offer continues to evolve as links are created with other businesses, groups and agencies.

Curriculum visits

  • Local area for nature walks and road awareness
  • Local supermarkets money and life management
  • Beth Shalom Holocaust centre
  • Cinema for media studies GCSE
  • Nottingham Caves
  • Galleries of Justice
  • College taster days

Rewards and behaviour systems

We use a weekly score card that works towards the students gaining reward time at the end of the week. The idea is to offer the students positive reinforcement and the chance to reflect on their behaviour.

Each lesson provides the opportunity to earn five ticks. These are always on the same areas of behaviour so students consistently know what is required to do the right thing in each lesson, regardless of the subject.

Any behaviour that does not meet staff expectations will be recorded as a strike. Three strikes results in a fifteen minute detention – these are then added to incrementally if needed. Detentions are carried out on the day they are issued. The strikes are reset every lesson so the students have a fresh start therefore ensuring one bad lesson does not make a bad day.


The students are issued with a sports-based uniform that has the Brook House logo on it. This was designed by the students to suit their needs.

This consists of:

  • black sports trousers
  • black logo t-shirts
  • black logo zip-up sports jacket

Contact us

For further information or to arrange a visit please contact Mrs B Elliott
01509 852424