The study of Drama and Theatre at A level takes a holistic approach to the subject although it is firmly rooted in the practical realisation of performance.

Topic areas covered

Unit 1 – Exploration of drama and theatre which requires students to study two contrasting plays through a series of practical workshops and the production of a set of “exploration notes” as well as live theatre performance evaluation.

Unit 2 – Theatre text in performance in which candidates demonstrate their skills in performance to an invited audience.  This unit also requires the candidates to perform a monologue or a duologue based on their understanding of the role from the study of the whole play.

Unit 3 – Exploration of dramatic performance builds on the knowledge and understanding gained in the first year and requires candidates to devise a piece of original theatre to be performed to an invited audience.  A written evaluation of process and performance is also submitted.

Unit 4  – Theatre text in context.  This unit is externally assessed and takes the form of a 2 hours 30 minutes written examination in which candidates write about a play from the view of a director and then write about a play from a choice of three historical periods.

Level: A level

Board: Edexcel

Head of department:
Mr L Tebbett

Miss S Summers (lead teacher)