To enable students to keep on track with their learning while working remotely at home, all students across all year groups will have access to learning resources and homework for each of their subjects.

Teachers will be uploading work to INSIGHT for students to complete at home. Students should also ensure that they check their academy email account regularly, as they will also be emailed with work to complete at home.

Year 12 and 13

Year 12 and 13 students do not have a specific timetable, but will be expected to study independently during school hours to complete work set.  Each day teachers will set work tasks through the homework function on INSIGHT.  These resources should be accessed at the times stated on the timetable and they should do their best to complete the work tasks.

Live tutorial calendars

Live tutorials will take place for KS3, year 10 and year 12. Please see details here:


Year 10

Year 12

Distance learning resources

As part of our support for distance learning, the academy has invested in licenses for a number of online learning packages.

EdLounge should be the first port of call for students at this time. This package provides work for every subject for students in years 7-11.

The table below provides details of the various online learning packages available, along with login details if required.

PlatformDetailsHow to log in
EdLoungeProvides work for every subject from year 7-11.Login: ForenameSurname e.g. JoeBloggs
Password: date of birth e.g. 26022008
MymathsOffers lessons and graded worksheets and tasks. This site will track work done and allow a record of times and marks to be recorded.School ID: ela
School Password: area1
MathswatchProvides maths work for year 9 and 11.User: Students will have their own username
Password: eastleake
BBC BitesizeA useful addition to do background revision and advice to support the other sites.No login required
SenecaSubject and exam board specific pages.Institution code: HSN1

Pastoral support is also available by emailing This will be monitored on a daily basis and students who require emotional support will be signposted to the appropriate external agencies.