Curriculum intent

We aim to equip our students with knowledge about themselves and how they fit within the world around them. The world is increasingly complex and we want our students to know how to be safe and healthy, and how to manage their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way. This knowledge is taught sensitively and inclusively, with respect to the backgrounds and beliefs of students and parents while always aiming to provide students with the knowledge they need of the law. We wish to build on the knowledge that parents give their children at home in order to support the personal development and pastoral needs of our students.

We aim to prepare our students for life by equipping them with knowledge to be safe and healthy as well as how to be responsible, respectful citizens who contribute positively to a diverse society. We develop their understanding of fundamental British Values and an appreciation of diversity. We celebrate what we have in common and promote respect for the different protected characteristics as defined by law.

Personal development includes:

  • spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC)
  • fundamental British Values
  • careers guidance
  • health and wellbeing including sex and relationships education (SRE)
  • citizenship
  • equality and diversity
  • preparation for the next stage.

Curriculum delivery

In years 7, 8, 9 and10 personal development and religion, philosophy and ethics (RPE) is taught in 9 week rotations. Year 11 students have a weekly personal development lesson.
Personal development is infused in curriculum and extra-curriculum lessons, PDL (personal development lessons) with tutors, assemblies, and visits from outside agencies.