Maths is a core subject at East Leake Academy and we are committed to providing the very best mathematical education to students of all ages and abilities.


We believe that maths is a key subject within society that will enable students to dive into further study, college and apprenticeships. We believe that early topics in maths enhance child’s love of learning and help students discover their potential. Using these topics as building blocks, we support students into the learning of more topics in greater depth thus establishing a strong knowledge of the laws of maths and where this knowledge can take you in the future.

End points

  • Have a strong understanding of real life mathematical concepts such as financial maths
  • Understand where different maths topics can take you in the future and the key role they play
  • Gain a relevant qualification to continue studying onto further education, higher education and apprenticeships
  • Gain a love of learning maths and problem solving to help with applications in a real life context.

Domains of knowledge

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Ratio and Proportion

Curriculum by year group

Year 7

Year 7 will follow the Diverse Academies’ mastery curriculum which will be updated regularly.

Years 8-9

Study for GCSE mathematics will commence in year 8 and students follow a three-year programme.


Years 10 and 11

All students study maths in year 10 and year 11, following the AQA linear GCSE course. This consists of three exams at the end of the course.

This course consists of three exams at the end of the course. A calculator may not be used for paper 1 but can be used for papers 2 and 3. Students of all abilities will have the opportunity to gain a good grade at GCSE and will be encouraged to reach their full academic potential.

The mathematics GCSE is a demanding course and includes problem solving skills and application of mathematics in context. It is vital that students apply themselves from the start of year 10 and take responsibility for their own progress as well as reviewing topics from previous years that they need to improve.

The mathematics GCSE will equip students with the skills that they will need for future pathways, critical thinking and mathematical acumen.


Students will be formally assessed on a half termly or termly basis, depending on their year group.  Year 10 and 11 students will take mock exams.


Head of faculty – Mrs C Reeves

Deputy head of faculty – Mr A Barkley

Teaching staff – Mrs C Bruce, Miss S Eastwood, Mr P Campbell, Mrs C Moore, Mr J McKay, Mrs E Wilson, Mr M Chambers

Additional information

Revision materials

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