Music and drama are viewed both as learning processes and as art forms through which students can make sense of, express and communicate their ideas and opinions in a practical, challenging way.

Students are introduced to drama and music as art forms with a rich history of performance, in the theatre, in ceremony, in concert, in ritual and beyond. Both subjects are taught in key stages 3 and 4 under our performing arts programme. Students learn skills and understand the appropriateness of their use in order for them to create meaningful symbols.

Years 7-9 music

Music at key stage 3 enables students to develop musical skills and concepts, and apply them to the core areas of composing, performing and listening/appraising. Much of the course content is explored through collaborative group work, and extends students’ musical experiences to include music from a wide range of geographical and historical perspectives. During the course all students will be encouraged to extend their use of standard musical notation and develop skills in composing and performing in different genres and using a range of resources including keyboards and music technology.

Years 10 and 11 music

Students can opt to study for the BTEC Level 1 and 2 Tech Award at key stage 4.  This follows the Edexcel/Pearson specification.

The course enables students to develop and extend their instrumental and vocal skills within specified areas of study, to cover composing, performing and listening/appraising activities. As well as composing and performing coursework, there is a final timed composing task and a listening examination covering the areas of study.

There are three components in total that cover the music industry: performing, composing and creating a music product. These are all real life areas in the music industry and will help should students wish to pursue music further.

Method of assessment is via coursework. Coursework is assignment based and offers students the opportunity to develop their planning and realisation skills as well as providing many alternative methods for assessment such as performance, presentation, video and written. There is one externally assessed component which is completed in
a set time whilst in school.

Faculty staff

Mr L Tebbett  (Head of Faculty)
Mr J Burrows (Music)
Miss S Summers (Drama)