Governor membership

Membership of Academy Committee (AC)

  • All governors attend Academy Committee meetings
  • Remit: To ensure the best possible education outcomes are achieved by all students in the academy and to ensure full financial regulatory compliance and the most efficient use of all income and resources across the academy.

Governor profiles

For any additional details about our governor membership, please contact Mrs Hewitt, clerk to the academy board, via email –

RoleMember name
Chair of the Academy CommitteeMr Marc Baker
Vice Chair of the Academy CommitteeMr Richard Osborn
Executive PrincipalMr Dave Vernon
PrincipalMr Blake Francis
Member nameType of GovernorAppointedEnd of termSpecific/additional role(s)
Mr Marc BakerAppointed01/04/201831/03/2022Chair of the Academy Committee appointed from 04/07/2020 to 03/07/2021.
Link: educational visits
Mr Richard OsbornAppointed27/03/201726/03/2021Vice Chair of the Academy Committee appointed from 04/07/2020 to 04/07/2021.
Link: parent/student engagement (including enrichment)
Dr Amanda DziombakAppointed02/12/201901/12/2023Link governor: SEND/disadvaged/CLA/pupil premium
Mrs Jayne HadfieldParent02/12/201901/12/2023
Mr David McGarryAppointed30/11/201929/11/2023Link governor: Health & safety
Mr Nicholas McGowanAppointed12/11/201811/11/2022Link governor: Safeguarding
Mr Raj TugnetAppointed28/09/202027/09/2024Link governor: Behaviour and attitudes (including anti-bullying)
Mrs Sharon WilsonParent02/12/201901/12/2023Link governor: Careers
Mrs Helen ZaffareseStaff22/05/201721/05/2021

Declarations of interest: pecuniary/business

NameNature of pecuniary/business interest declaredType of business
Mr Marc BakerHM Inspectorate of ProbationsGovernment
Dr Amanda DziombakContent Writer/Progression Specialist/ExaminerEducation
Mrs Jayne HadfieldGovernor Support Manager at Derby City Council
Governor Services Manager for Derby Diocese Academy Trust
Support for Schools
Mr David McGarryHR Director at British GypsumHuman Resources
Mr Nicholas McGowanChartered Chemical Engineer (self-employed)Renewable Energy/Water Treatment
Mr Richard Osborn3D Visualist (self-employed)Technology
Mr Raj TugnetDirector of Commercial Strategy
Community Governor at Forest Lodge Academy (LEAD Trust)
Medical Devices
Mrs Sharon WilsonEngineering Section Manager at Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK Ltd, Costock Parish Council memberEngineering Parish Council Education
Mrs Helen ZaffareseNo external business interests declared

Senior leaders who contribute

NameNature of pecuniary/business interest declaredType of business
Mr Dave Vernon
Executive Principal
No external business interests declared-
Mr Blake Francis
Wife has delivered training to Diverse Academies-
Mr Tim Jackson
Vice Principal
No external business interests declared-
Mrs Clare Baxter
Assistant Principal
Dr Sarah Benskin
Assistant Principal
OCR and AQA: Assistant Examiner (Summer only)-
Mr Robbie Jones
Assistant Principal
Mrs Victoria Purdy
Associate Assistant Principal
Mr Tom Reid
Assistant Principal
No external business interests declared-
Mrs Esther Wilson
Assistant Principal
Mrs Sarah Woodward
Business Manager (Operations)
No external business interests declared-

Members who resigned/end of term during previous 12 months

NameDate of appointmentDate of resignation/end
Professor John Dickens26/11/201625/11/2020
Mr Simon Genders16/11/201515/11/2019
Mrs Jayne Hadfield16/11/201515/11/2019
Re-elected 02/12/2019

Attendance at meetings: Local academy boards and portfolio teams 2019/20*

*Academy Committee meetings were cancelled in March 2020 due to COVID-19, therefore 4 out of 7 meetings took place

NameMeetingAttendance record
Academic year 2019/20
No. in year
Attendance record
Academic year 2019/20
Marc BakerLocal Academy Board44
John DickensLocal Academy Board44
Simon GendersLocal Academy Board22
Jayne HadfieldLocal Academy Board43
Amanda DziombakLocal Academy Board44
David McGarryLocal Academy Board43
Nicholas McGowanLocal Academy Board43
Richard OsbornLocal Academy Board44
Sharon WilsonLocal Academy Board22
Helen ZaffareseLocal Academy Board44
East Leake Academy