In an unprecedented year for exam results, students at East Leake Academy – part of the Diverse Academies Trust – were relieved today to collect their GCSE results which have been based on centre assessed grades.

Among those with impressive results at East Leake Academy was Evie Kendall. With ten grade 9s in all her subjects (art, English language, English literature, French, geography, history, maths, biology, physics and chemistry), Evie can now continue her post 16 studies at the academy’s sixth form. She said: “I am extremely delighted with my results and I am so happy to be able to go on to study further maths, maths and science at ELA.”

Another student who was delighted with their results was Freya Kemp. She received grade 9s in art, English language, English literature, maths, geography, history, biology, chemistry and physics, and one grade 8 in French. Freya said she was: “So thrilled with my results and am looking forward to the next stage of my education at ELA sixth form.”

Isabella Scanlon also received outstanding individual results, with eight grade 9s, one grade 8 and one grade 7. Isabella is now looking forward to studying at A Level, which she will continue at East Leake Academy. She said: “I am incredibly thrilled and can’t believe the results! I am looking forward to be starting sixth form at East Leake Academy in September.”

Ryan Evans also received fantastic results, with four grade 9s, three grade 8s, a grade 7 and two grade 6s. Ryan commented: “I am so happy and am looking forward to studying A Levels.”

Principal, Blake Francis, said: “Everyone at East Leake Academy would like to say a huge congratulations to all of our students for their hard work and resilience in what has been a very strange year. With all the information and controversy in the press and on social media about the awarding of grades, it must have added to the anxiety in what is typically a particularly stressful time for many.

“We are pleased that following the government’s decision to award centre assessed grades, students will receive a set of grades that reflect their hard work and effort over their time with us. Hopefully now, receiving their results today will allow them to celebrate and plan the next steps to move on with their future studies.”

The academy invites any students yet to secure a place with a post 16 provider for this September or students considering their post-GCSE options to visit or email for more information.