East Leake Academy Sixth Form continues to make waves as our students excel in academics, fundraising, and community engagement.

Academic Triumphs

Year 13 students successfully completed their first set of mock exams, demonstrating their commitment to academic excellence. As they finished off their UCAS applications, we are thrilled to announce that all applicants had received offers from their chosen universities. Notably, two of our students recently attended interviews at the prestigious Cambridge University, a testament to their academic dedication to higher education. Special thanks go to Mr Renshaw and Mrs Parkin for their invaluable support in guiding our students through the application process.

Fundraising and community engagement

The fundraising team has been hard at work, baking and selling delicious treats at two cake stalls. These efforts are not just about satisfying sweet cravings; they are also contributing to offsetting the cost of the year 13 prom. Despite the chilly weather during the East Leake Christmas light switch on, our students showed resilience and dedication to their cause. In December, an extra stall played a crucial role in supporting our toy drive. This collaborative effort with The Windmill in Wymeswold allowed us to purchase presents for forty primary school children in Nottingham.

In the spirit of giving back, our post 16 students raised an impressive £215.56 for Children in Need. A special thank you to the representative from the University of Lincoln, who not only judged our fancy dress competition but also shared valuable insights on post-university application steps with year 13. The winning group, dressed as characters from Toy Story, added a touch of fun to the occasion.

Our students organised a heartwarming Christmas party for reception children at a primary school in Nottingham. The festive event included party games and a pantomime written by Niamh, a talented year 13 student.

Enrichment opportunities

As part of our enrichment programme, all year 12 students received training in basic first aid from East Midlands Ambulance First Responder, Peter Blount. This is his third visit to the sixth form to teach the students CPR and how to use a defibrillator.  We believe this is an essential life skill that all our students should learn.

In recent weeks, the students have learned about apprenticeship opportunities, careers in the NHS and the armed forces, as well as attending sessions about applying for a variety of universities and gap year employment.  They are also beginning to prepare for their work experience placements in the summer term.

At the beginning of February, students will spend a day at Lincoln University to learn about life in higher education. They will visit halls of residence and meet with current students.

East Leake Sixth Form continues to be a beacon of academic excellence, community spirit, and philanthropy. As we celebrate these achievements, we extend an invitation to all those considering their post 16 options to explore the opportunities that East Leake Sixth Form Academy has to offer. Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and making a positive impact in our community and beyond.