World Book Week set to commence on 4 March

East Leake Academy is gearing up for an exciting celebration of literature with its upcoming World Book Week, set to commence on 4 March. During this week, a series of assemblies will be dedicated to support students in utilising the library effectively. These sessions will offer valuable guidance on how to navigate the library’s resources, find available books, and choose reading materials productively. The academy aims to empower students to continue exploring literature beyond the classroom. To further encourage reading, students will receive book tokens, incentivising them to explore literature at home.

The commitment to literacy and education extends far beyond World Book Week at East Leake Academy. Over the past six months, the library has undergone a transformation, evolving into a vibrant learning and development hub. The layout has been redesigned to place students at the centre, creating an environment conducive to exploration and discovery.

One of the key enhancements has been the introduction of new books, replacing older titles to ensure that the library’s collection remains fresh and relevant. Additionally, subject audits have been conducted, leading to the procurement of new materials tailored to support students across various academic levels, including those preparing for GCSEs and A levels.

Furthermore, the academy has provided students with access to a wealth of learning materials. From maths maps to supportive content for revision, students have access to tools that enrich their educational journey and foster academic success.

As World Book Week approaches, anticipation builds for what promises to be a week filled with literary adventures and opportunities for personal growth. East Leake Academy invites students, teachers, parents, and carers to join in the celebration of reading and learning. You can use your complimentary book token to get started!