A journey of discovery and courage

Year 7 students from East Leake Academy recently embarked on a residential trip to Hagg Farm. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Peak District, Hagg Farm provided the perfect backdrop for an immersive outdoor education experience.

The students kicked off their adventure with an engaging introduction quiz, designed to acquaint them with the natural surroundings and foster teamwork. The quiz set the tone for the rest of the trip, encouraging students to collaborate and problem-solve, skills that would prove crucial in the days ahead. Rock hopping proved to be a highlight of the trip, as students navigated through the rugged terrain, testing their agility and balance.

Problem-solving sessions further honed the students’ critical thinking abilities, as they tackled a series of challenges that required creativity and teamwork. From strategic planning to effective communication, these activities enriched the students’ problem-solving skills. Orienteering took the students on a journey of exploration, as they used maps and compasses to navigate through the landscapes surrounding Hagg Farm.

Students conquered their fears with the caving expedition, embraced the thrill, and supported each other through every step of the way. Armed with helmets and headlamps, students delved into the mysterious underground world, experiencing teamwork in the face of darkness. As the students return to the classroom, they bring with them not only memories of an exciting adventure but also a wealth of new skills and a strengthened sense of achievement.