Academy reopening – FAQ’s

Updated 8 June 2020

How will the school maintain social distancing whilst my child is in attendance?

Parents and students will receive information prior to attending the academy about the expectations on arrival.

On arrival students will go straight to their classroom where arrangements have been made to ensure all students are at least 2m away from each other.

They will receive an induction into routines and expectations for social distancing whilst at ELA, as part of their first session in the academy. In addition:

  • Students will be supervised by staff at all times
  • Increased signage and floor markings have been placed around the academy site to remind students and staff of the importance of social distancing
  • We will challenge any individual who does not follow the guidelines
  • Our behaviour policy has been updated to provide clear guidelines of how breaching these expectations will be challenged.

Will there be hand sanitiser and facilities for washing hands?

Students will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly using soap and water. There will also be hand sanitiser stations around the academy building, including in every classroom during the initial phase of wider reopening.  There will also be tissues in every classroom so that students can follow good respiratory hygiene (e.g. catch it, bin it, kill it).  Students will be reminded, if they visit the toilet facilities, to wash their hands thoroughly after use.

What arrangements have been made for additional cleaning?

There will be a cleaner on the academy site during all face to face sessions.  The cleaner will be cleaning surfaces down during the time students are in the building.  All surfaces and rooms used will be deep cleaned at the end of every day before the next group of students access the site.  Cleaning staff will need to sign off areas that have been cleaned before they are used again.

What will the routines be for toilet facilities and will additional cleaning take place?

Each group or ‘bubble’ of students (10 per group maximum) will have their own toilet area each day during the initial two-week period (15 – 26 June).

The toilets will be deep cleaned before use each day.  The external doors will be propped open and students will only be allowed to go to the toilet one at a time.

How many students will be in each group and will you ensure they stay within a ‘social bubble’?

During the initial two weeks we will have a maximum of 20 additional students (in addition to the key worker hub) from year 10 and 12.  The students will be in groups of 10 maximum and they will not mix or cross contaminate areas used by any other group.  They will have separate classrooms, social areas and toilet facilities to minimise the risk of cross contamination.  Groups will also arrive and leave the premises at slightly different times to avoid large groups of students gathering.

How many teachers will be teaching my child during their face to face session?

Each group will have their face to face session facilitated by one member of staff in the initial phase of wider reopening to year 10 and 12 students.  They will also receive a visit from a senior leader on the day who will also speak to the class for a short period of time.  We will keep a log of all additional adults who come into contact with the group so that if anybody becomes unwell, shows symptoms and subsequently tests positive (students or staff), then we can inform anyone who may have come into contact with them.

Face to face sessions from the 15 – 26 June will include induction into social distancing in an education setting, pastoral support, support with remote learning and support with preparing for exams in 2021. In addition, it will offer an opportunity for students to speak with peers in their bubble, as well as some problem-solving activities.

Will my child know their grouping before attending?

We will share your child’s individual time slot and date for their one to one session. Due to the General Data Protection Regulations, we will be unable to share the details of other individual students with you.  Your child will of course be able to speak to their friends via social media and will possibly work out who else is attending at the same time.  The pastoral team will be organising the groups and they will look to try and ensure everyone is in a group where they know someone else well.

Will any subject content be taught during the face to face session and if not, when will this happen?

No subject content will be taught face to face from the 15 – 26 June.  We hope that we can start to deliver some face to face subject teaching before the break for the summer holidays.

Plans for this type of provision will be looked at, providing the initial re-opening phase goes well and any updated plans and risk assessments are approved by the Trustees of Diverse Academies.  Remote learning will continue to be the main form of education provided in line with the government guidance.

How many face to face sessions will my child receive?

From the 15 – 26 June your child will receive one face to face session if you wish for them to attend.

It is our hope, providing that any updated plans and risk assessments are approved, that we might increase the regularity of face to face support over time.

Will there be video call live teaching provided within the remote learning for students not in school?

Staff have already provided live video calls across a range of subjects and views from parents and students are extremely polarised about this style of learning.  From the 1 June teachers have been asked to provide more pre-recorded or live video content, with a focus on year 10 and 12.  Staff have reported that when they have arranged these activities, uptake from students in many cases has been extremely low.  We have also been given some feedback that students are actively discouraging their peers from joining the sessions, because it is not ‘cool’ to be seen to engage with these opportunities.  We would encourage you to speak to your child about the importance of attending these sessions when available, so that they can receive a varied learning experience.

Will students need to wear face masks while in school?

At the time of writing, the government guidance does not suggest that students or staff need to wear any additional PPE for normal activities in school.  Social distancing and good hygiene routines will need to be maintained.  If however, a student or teacher wishes to wear a face mask they will be allowed to do so.

What will happen if someone who has attended tests positive for COVID-19?

The academy will inform you if your child has been in contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19.  We will be keeping registers and a log of all students and staff that have been in contact whilst at ELA.

What support will be provided for students who are anxious about returning?

The initial session will be based around supporting students back into academy life and there will be the opportunity to discuss concerns with staff and their peers.  ELA also has a full time counsellor who can be contacted prior to attending, please email –

What is the plan for examinations in 2021?

The Association for Schools and College Leaders are currently working with the DfE and Ofqual to look at how the 2021 exam series applicable to year 10 and 12 will need to be adapted to ensure children are not disadvantaged following the extended closure of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As part of their face to face session, we will be talking to students about how they can best prepare themselves for future examinations, but also reassure them that we will support them next academic year to succeed in those assessments.  We have no immediate plans to assess our students through mock examinations until we have a clear understanding of what the exam series looks like and how students will be assessed.

Will there be any refreshments or lunch available for students to purchase?

From the 15 – 26 June there will be no catering facilities available and all face to face sessions will be morning only meaning students can travel home for lunch.  Students will need to bring refreshments if they wish to eat or drink something during their break time.  Water facilities will be available and we have a new water station in school, as well as a drinking water tap in the dining area.  Students can therefore bring a refillable water bottle if they wish to.

Will students need to wear uniform and what equipment will they need?

From the 15 – 26 June students will not be required to wear uniform, instead they should attend in comfortable clothing appropriate to school (same rules as a non-uniform day).  Students should wash the clothing they have worn to school when they return home. They will need to bring their bag to keep their equipment and personal items in.  They should bring as an absolute minimum their pencil case with standard equipment for school.  Students will not be able to share equipment between them.

What about lockers and collecting items from classrooms?

The admin team have already started the process of emptying all lockers.  Personal belongings will be stored safely and we will be contacting parents over the coming weeks to arrange an individual collection time, so that you can get all your child’s belongings back.  Students will not be able to collect other items such as books at this time, as their movement around the building will be restricted to avoid cross contamination.

Will the academy be open during the summer holidays?

At this stage there are no plans for schools to open during the summer holidays.




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