From sports to leading and organising community events, we offer plenty of opportunities outside of the curriculum

Our post 16 enrichment programme is designed to help students develop essential skills and prepare them for their future careers. There are many enrichment opportunities which make our sixth form a rewarding and enjoyable experience. By connecting students with industry professionals, alumni, and higher education institutions, we aim to inspire and guide them on their path to success. The upcoming sixth form induction days are a testament to our commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience and we are excited to welcome our future year 12 students to East Leake Academy.


Inspiring speakers

We have had the privilege of welcoming a diverse group of speakers who have shared their insights and expertise with our students. These sessions have covered a wide range of industries and topics, offering students a glimpse into various career paths and educational opportunities. Speakers this year have included representatives from:

Northumbria University: Providing insights into higher education and university life.

The Bank of England: Discussing economic principles and careers in finance.

Ambition Nottingham: Highlighting opportunities for higher education and support for ambitious students.

UCFB: Exploring courses in sports, business, and media.

Sheffield University: Offering guidance on university applications and academic success.

The Army: Presenting military careers and the benefits of service.

Construction industry: Highlighting opportunities in building and engineering via the apprenticeship route.

Sainsbury’s: Discussing careers in retail and business management.

Welcome Break: Offering insights into the hospitality and service industries, specifically human resources (HR).

British Red Cross: Sharing the importance of humanitarian work and volunteerism.

Royal Voluntary Service: Encouraging community service and volunteering.

Lancaster University: Providing information on academic programs and campus life.

NHS: Discussing careers in healthcare and the importance of public health.

Crown Prosecution Service: Exploring careers in law and justice.


Skill-building workshops

Our programme also includes a series of workshops aimed at developing essential skills for academic and personal success. These workshops have covered:

Study skills: Techniques for effective learning and time management.

Learning to succeed/resilience: Building resilience and a growth mindset.

Work experience process: Guidance on securing and making the most of work experience placements.

Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the impact of AI and future job prospects.

Organ donation: Raising awareness about the importance of organ donation.

Apprenticeships: Exploring apprenticeship opportunities and benefits.

The UCAS process: Navigating the university application system.

Personal statement writing: Crafting compelling personal statements for university applications.

Taking a year out: Considering the benefits and planning for a gap year.

Studying at University abroad: Exploring international study opportunities.

Student finance: Understanding funding options for higher education.

First aid: Equipping students with essential first aid skills.


Alumni insights and industry connections

We believe in the power of real-world experiences and peer learning. Each year we welcome back former students who have shared their journeys since leaving East Leake Academy. Highlights this year included was former student Tom from The Dairy, an award-winning marketing agency, who spoke about his successful career in marketing. Brittany also spoke about her career in the NHS and Abbi who shared her physio career to date and travelling experiences.

These alumni sessions provide current students with relatable role models and practical advice for their future careers.


Learning opportunities

Our enrichment programme also includes annual trips to provide students with firsthand experience of university life and career opportunities. On this year’s trip to Lincoln University, students toured the campus and gained a taste of university life. This summer, we will attend the annual UCAS exhibition, offering students the chance to meet representatives from numerous universities and companies offering apprenticeship routes, all under one roof.


Sixth form induction days

Students who have applied to join our sixth form have been invited to join us for our induction days on 24 June and 25 June. These days are designed to give prospective year 12 students a firsthand experience of the unique opportunities and vibrant atmosphere at East Leake Academy. A variety of planned activities will accompany lessons, including:

Committee challenges: Team-building exercises to develop leadership and collaboration skills.

Sports: Engaging in physical activities promoting health and teamwork.

Cooking on a budget: Learning practical skills for independent living.

Young Enterprise: Encouraging entrepreneurial thinking and business acumen.

Car maintenance: Basic skills for car care and maintenance.

First aid scenarios: Hands-on practice in emergency response.

Crafts, arts, and media: Exploring creativity and self-expression through various mediums.

The induction days will wrap up with a social gathering accompanied by ice cream, providing students an opportunity to socialise and reflect on their experiences.