My name is Mr Berry and I want to wish you a warm welcome to Osprey House. In addition to being the Head of Osprey House I am also a teacher of economics and business.

I hope that over the journey at East Leake Academy, myself and your child’s tutor can further develop the successful working relationships between the school and the families of our students within Osprey House.

I am fully committed to ensuring that every pupil in my house reaches their full academic and social potential and do this this students of Osprey House must meet high expectations. It is important that students are hardworking, committed and tenacious.

A large emphasis is placed upon individuals serving and contributing to Osprey House with integrity and pride which means students can take the opportunity to participate in the various house competitions throughout the year.

Senior students are expected to support younger students within Osprey House and model the behaviour and expectations set out across the academy. Similarly senior students are available to offer advice and support to students through our peer mentor scheme.

Contact Mr Berry, Head of Osprey House:

Staff list

Tutor setTutorRoom
O1Mrs Aheer102
O2Miss Roberts141
O3Miss Elliott126
O4Miss Martin105
O5Miss Rehman228
O6Mrs Purdy204
O7Miss Golding220
O8Mr Barnes229
O9Miss Aldridge and Mrs Alderson232
O10Mrs Bruce216