My name is Tom Kitson and I am Head of Eagle House and a teacher of  Geography. My expectations are that every student in Eagle takes pride in their appearance, that they are punctual and demonstrate a good work ethic – working to the best of their abilities at all times. I will rely on the older students within the house to be a positive example for the younger members, particularly those new to the academy. I am proud to be a member of Eagle House, I expect the students to feel the same. In addition, I am very competitive and expect us to win the House Cup at the end of the year!

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Staff list

Tutor setTutorsRoom
E1Mrs Kruger128
E2Mrs Burrows202
E3Mrs Phillips225
E4Mr Collins231
E5Mrs Moore and Ms Fox218
E6Mr McKenzie and Mrs Burley235
E7Mrs Wilson217
E8Mrs Williamson and Mr Cann203
E9Mr Strickland224
E10Miss Fox and Mrs Hopewell236