Our vision

At East Leake Academy we are determined to ensure that all students enjoy high quality learning experiences through which they are able to achieve their full potential.

Our core values



Our ethos is based upon:

– placing good relationships at the heart of all that we do
– having high expectations at all times
– ensuring that excellent learning and teaching is our core activity
– promoting independence, equality, resilience and consideration for others
– valuing the support and contribution of all of our stakeholders

For our students we will:

– create excellent learning and extra-curricular experiences
– challenge and support every student to excel
– provide a broad and flexible curriculum, offering multiple pathways for progression
– expect the highest standards of behaviour within a culture of mutual respect
– ensure that we celebrate the wide range of our students’ achievement
– equip students with the skills and attitudes necessary for a fulfilling adult life

For our staff we will:

– provide excellent CPD and bespoke career development opportunities
– challenge and support every member of staff to excel
– ensure that all roles contribute to raising standards
– develop all leaders to inspire colleagues to give of their very best
– create the best working conditions and environment
– ensure careful self review of all that we do

For our parents we will:

– provide a welcoming atmosphere
– encourage their active involvement
– provide high quality information, reporting and feedback about student progress
– further enhance home-school communication using the latest technology

For our academy in the wider community we will:

– celebrate and develop our status within our village community and local area
– promote the academy’s achievements to all stakeholders
– engage in local, national and international initiatives
– develop further beneficial links with other institutions