Physical Education (PE)

PE is a core subject for all year groups at East Leake Academy.

PE offers pupils of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy physical activities and experience success at all levels. Students have two one hour lessons weekly. The following activities are studied throughout the key stages:

Years 7-9

Students will partake in the following winter activities: hockey, rugby, football, basketball, netball, badminton, rock-it ball, handball, dodgeball, health and fitness, athletics, exploration, endurance and problem solving.

Students will partake in the following summer activities: dance, gymnastics, sport for life, outdoor education, team building challenges, rounders, tennis and cricket.

Years 10 and 11

At the end of year 9, students are offered three pathways: competitive, creative and challenger. Students can opt for a pathway of their choice for the academic year to suit individual needs.  The focus of PE in KS4 is around engagement and effort – we want to ensure that all students have a fun and enjoyable experience through physical activity.

Creative:                      Competitive:                  Challenger:
F. Suite                          Football                           Tchoukball
Dance                            Rugby                              Basketball
Boxercise                      Hockey                             Handball
Pilates                           Basketball                        Dodgeball
Circuits                         Athletics                           Ultimate frisby
Rounders                      Cricket                             Softball

GCSE and TECH Award Sport Studies

Students opting to take sport studies at GCSE will be selected onto one of two pathways. The GCSE course is traditionally a more academic pathway that has a significant amount of theory content assessed over two exams at the end of the course. This qualification also has a practical assessment across three sports.

The Tech Award is a vocational course that offers an opportunity to experience sport through leadership – fitness training and sports performance are assessed predominantly through coursework and one exam worth 25% of the overall grade.

This courses follow the Edexcel exam board specification.


60% exam
30% practical
10% coursework

Course overview

  • Fitness and body systems – applied anatomy and physiology; movement analysis; physical training
  • Health and performance – health, fitness and wellbeing; sports psychology, socio-cultural influences
  • Analysis of performance
  • Practical assessment

Tech Award

40% exam
60% coursework

Course overview

Reducing the risk of sports injuries and dealing with common medical conditions (40% written exam)
Students will learn how to prevent and treat sporting injuries as well as understand how different medical conditions can affect sports performance.

Applying the principles of training including fitness and how it affects skills performance (30% coursework)
Students will apply the principles of training to fitness and skills development for sporting activities.

Nutrition and sports performance (30% coursework)
Students will understand how to apply knowledge of good nutrition to improve sporting performance.