History enables students to develop key skills such as analysis and evaluation of historical sources, an awareness of different interpretations, presentation skills and essay writing skills in which they can effectively deliver a supported argument. History allows students the opportunity to access a broad range of degree subjects and careers, and employers regard it as a strong academic subject.



We follow the AQA examination board specification.

Topic areas covered:

  • shaping the Nation: Health and the People, c.1000-present day and Elizabethan England; and
  • understanding the Modern World: Germany 1895-1945, democracy and dictatorship and conflict and tension between East and West, 1945-1972.

Year 10 focuses on health and the people and Elizabethan England, with Weimar and Nazi Germany being taught in year 11.

Method of assessment:
100% examination based>
Paper 1 – Shaping the Nation (50% of final grade)
Paper 2 – Understanding the Modern World (50% of final grade)

Faculty staff

Mrs R Clifton (Head of Humanities)