Modern foreign languages (MFL) is a high-performing faculty with an excellent team of experienced language specialists. Language lessons are fun, active and rewarding. Teachers encourage all students to be enthusiastic participants and to enjoy learning a foreign language.

At East Leake Academy, students study one language, either French or German. Therefore, a year 7 student will study three lessons of German per week and they will continue to learn this language in year 8 and 9. German is an option subject at GCSE for those who have studied it during key stage 3.

The MFL department has a long tradition of running trips and exchanges. We organise an exchange visit with the Marie-Curie-Gymnasium in Kirchzarten for year 9 students. At Christmas, we take GCSE groups to German or French Christmas markets on alternate years.

The MFL department also offers an extracurricular club for those students who are interested in the other language they are not studying. There are weekly after school sessions available for those who are interested in learning two languages and gaining a cultural impression of two different countries.

Year 7

We follow the Stimmt 1 course and cover the following topics:

• Meine Welt und ich
Say where you live and describe your character, ask and answer questions about yourself and compare where you live to towns in Germany!

• Familie und Tiere
Talk about your family, birthdays and pets. Use a range of adjectives to describe what superpower your pet may have

• Freizeit
Talk about what sports you do and how often, research into German athletes and talk about what you do in your free time

• Schule ist klasse!
Talk about what school subjects you like and dislike, describe your timetable and look into the differences between your school and school in Germany

• Gute Reise
Say what there is to do in your town/ where you live, where you can buy the best snacks and talk about your holiday plans. You will also look at holiday destinations in Germany, and how some German towns may different from your own.

Year 8

We follow the Stimmt 2 course and cover the following topics:

• Ich liebe Ferien
Explain what you did during the holidays, what the weather was like and a disaster that happened whilst on holiday!

• Bist du ein Mediafan?
Talk about your preferences for films, tv programmes and reading materials. You will look at some reviews for films and books in Germany to see if you agree with the feedback

• Bleib gesund
Talk about what you eat for breakfast and compare this to a traditional German breakfast. You will look at some German recipes and explain in German how to lead a healthy lifestyle

• Klassenreisen Machen Spaß
Talk about your daily routine and know how to give directions. Describe a festival that happens near you and look into festivals in other German speaking countries

• Wir gehen aus
Talk about what you wear to go out with friends and learn how to make plans to go out in German

Year 9

We begin the GCSE German course so that pupils have a taste of the GCSE topics and course expectations. We follow the AQA GCSE course and the topics covered in year 9 are:

Auf in die Schule
Talk about school subjects and equipment, what you are looking forward to (or not!) this school year, your typical school day and school rules. You will also learn about the different types of schools in Germany.

Grammar: Present and past tenses, asking questions.

Zeit für Freizeit
Discussing leisure activities e.g. films, music, reading, sport in Switzerland and celebrations and festivals.

Grammar: Time phrases, plurals, giving preferences and the conditional tense ‘I would like…’

Menschliche Beziehungen
Talk about what makes a good friend, weekend activities, describing relationships and marriage.

Grammar: separable verbs in the present and past tense, and preopsitions

 Key stage 4 – years 10-11

GCSE full course German AQA exam board

Topic areas covered

  • Theme 1 – Identity and Culture – family and friends, technology, free time activities
  • Theme 2 – Local, national international and global areas of interest – neighbourhood and region, social issues, global issues, travel and tourism
  • Theme 3 – Current and future study and employment – school, education Post 16, jobs and career choices.

Method of assessment

100% exam based

  • Paper 1 Listening – 25%
  • Paper 2 Speaking – 25%
  • Paper 3 Reading – 25%
  • Paper 4 Writing – 25%

Faculty staff

Mrs V Purdy – Head of Faculty
Mrs N Burrows – Deputy Head of Faculty
Mrs K Golden
Miss F Gould
Mrs H Williamson