Drama and music are viewed both as learning processes and as art forms through which students can make sense of, express and communicate their ideas and opinions in a practical, challenging way.

Students are introduced to drama and music as art forms with a rich history of performance, in the theatre, in ceremony, in concert, in ritual and beyond. Both subjects provide a medium for the communication of young people learning. Students learn skills and understand the appropriateness of their use in order for them to create meaningful symbols.

Year 7 Drama

Drama is taught at key stage 3 in Year 7. Students follow a curriculum which through the study of three topics allows them to make, perform and evaluate drama. They will use individual and group skills to negotiate their way through various issues exploring and developing stimulus material by employing drama strategies, conventions and styles to encourage empathy, imagination and belief.

Years 10 and 11 Drama

At GCSE students can opt to take the OCR Drama syllabus which is assessed by a mixture of assessed practical and written portfolio.

Students explore issues through the medium of drama and use specified drama strategies and conventions in a series of drama workshops. Assessment is designed to allow the students to respond to ideas and issues in different contexts, demonstrating appropriate use of drama to communicate meaning to others.

Method of assessment

Unit 1 and 2 – Devising (Internally assessed – 30% of final grade)

Unit 3 – Presenting and performing texts (External examiner – 30% of final grade)

Unit 4 – Performance and response ( External written exam – 40% of final grade)

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